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During the initial consultation we will unpack your whole health history and get to the root cause of why you are experiencing symptoms. As nutritional medicine has a holistic view on health, we take into account all aspects of the individuals current and past health, lifestyle and dietary choices to understand current health.


We will work to determined individual health goals. This is important to understand our course of treatment, priorities and most importantly to provide motivation to improve your health. Nutraceutical supplementation, lifestyle and dietary changes will be recommended to support these goals, in some cases further testing and investigation may be warranted.

As each individuals’ health is complex, it rarely takes one consultation to understand the cause and achieve optimum health and wellness. Multiple follow-up consultations are needed in most cases, as changes and results can vary depending on the individual. 


Return consultations will include a review of the past prescription, as well as an understanding of any health changes or progressions. Any pathology or test results will also be addressed in these consultations.


Return consultations can vary from every 2-12 weeks depending on the case and severity. It is important to remember your health is a journey and a work in progress, one consultation will not always provide you with all the answers.

Acute consultations are designed for acute conditions. If you have just come off antibiotic treatment or are experiencing a cold, flu or thrush, this is the consultation for you. Providing you with quick and easy symptomatic relief to decrease your recovery time. If you have just received blood tests that show vitamin deficiencies, I will also be able to assist you with finding the correct supplementation for your individual needs.


If you have chronic illnesses or conditions, it is best to book an initial consultation, as this time frame won't allow for a proper treatment or prescription. Acute appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled if deemed inappropriate.