Meet Erin

Clinical Nutritionist BHSc. (NutMed)



BHSc. Nutritional Medicine

Currently completing BHSc. Naturopathy



Registered Clinical Nutritionist with the Australian Natural Therapists Association

Erin holds a Bachelor degree of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and is a registered Clinical Nutritionist with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).

Erin has had experience with a multitude of health conditions throughout her practice from arthritis to mental health, preconception care, diabetes and general healthcare and wellness. She enjoys working with all patients, however after overcoming her own health struggles with Inflammatory Bowel Disease her passion for gut health quickly grew. She is passionate about all things gut health and will work with you to find your individual triggers and help with nutritional management and support. 


She currently runs an equestrian property on the Mornington Peninsula and has worked alongside equestrian athletes for the past few years, improving their health and performance through dietary changes. As an equestrian herself, she understands the importance diet plays in performance and recovery.

Erin continues her education in health and nutrition through undertaking post-graduate short courses specifically in the areas of digestive health, environmental health and nutrigenomics (the relationship between our genes and our diet and lifestyle).

As she is a holistic practitioner she understands the importance of a multi-modality approach to health. She is more than happy to work alongside your G.P, osteopath, herbalist, counsellor, personal trainer or any other health professional to optimise your wellness.