Riders around the world know too well the ins and outs of their horses’ behaviour, health and performance. We respect them for the true athletes they are. Although each of us may have a beautifully harmonious connection with our beloved horses and put in all the right training techniques and attend the best clinics to get us to the top, how many of us consider ourselves to be on the same level of importance? Very few.

It is too common in the equine community for owners to see their horses health as more important than their own. When really to get a team to work we both need to be in tip top condition. I believe our health should be viewed as important as our horses and I am passionate to promote this through my practice.

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Nutrition for the Equestrian

Image by Valerie Fomina

Equestrian Nutrition Plans

Individualised nutrition plans are available for equestrians of all ages, disciplines and levels.


I understand the unique requirements and needs of each individual and the equestrian sports to assist you to achieve your goals. Not to mention the lack of time! 


Trail rider? Grand Prix rider? Pony club competitor? Olympian? New to the horse world? Whatever your current situation we all have goals we want to achieve. Contact me to discuss your goals and aspirations to see how I can assist you along your individual health journey with and without your horse.

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